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So this year has been well, it's been kind of rough, and needless to say, I am relieved it is almost over. 

I am happy for a few great things right now, mostly being that I am motivated more than ever to work on art and try new things. I am happy to have joined the Bagbeans community, and am thrilled to bits that Ryu-Oni recently joined too. I have been having so much fun with this community. I look forward to a new year with everyone over there. :grin: 

I hope everyone have a safe and happy New Year! PARTY HARD 

To those who celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day holiday full of the love of family and friends, and all the memories of the things you are most thankful for. December is upon us, and with it comes more real life distractions like office parties, family get-togethers and celebration to close out the year. Happy Holidays everyone and hope they are great!

Currently I am working on prompts for Bagbeans and not much else. I am looking forward to making some cute Holiday related arts for my bean(s) ^_^ I have 2 commissioned pieces due before the 10th which I hope to post on DA, and I am looking forward to getting back into Gunpla Models starting next year. Stay tuned! :heart:

Hey, I just entered this contest for a CUSTOM 72 Piece Copic Sketch Marker Set and thought I would let you in on it too.

Go here to enter:

P.S. It ends on November 16, 2016 @ 12:00 am PST.

I have not updated this for a while and I am tired of the same journal reminding me of sour times earlier in the year. Despite those negative times trying to come back to haunt me, I feel like I am past them and am more than happy for that. I don't and never needed that.

Lately I have been busy working on projects for Saint-Cain and have been enjoying the Why and TT projects. Almost done!

I also recently joined Bagbeans by griffsnuff such adorable little critters, I have been truly enamored and can't wait to get one of my own. =) I enjoyed working on Griff's contest entries immensely, despite not winning, and will keep trying. I look forward to being able to do the trials. 

I need to get back to work on Realm-of-Cecatl the group is making a comeback and needs more people to keep it alive. All of the updates look great =) 

Happy Autumn!
It is time to move on and work towards all my goals for this year. 

I found myself twisted up by all the drama, anger and distrust that it made me sick inside, but now that is all gone, and I feel that I can move forward unabated.  It is nice to have all that drama behind me because now I can focus all of my efforts on my own things instead of concentrating on how well I am walking on eggshells. All I would like to do is make nice art that hopefully, someday people will like and I can be proud of.


After this is posted, all existing adopts that I designed are no longer valid. You have the option to either convert them or trash them. They can no longer level up, evolve or move forward in any aspect of the game. The Lunowlie, Solowlra, Bulvalture, Smokata, Leeguin, Chamizaur, and any potential designs that did not become main stream, including the Phanthum, Kentro, Oviraptors, and Dimpho are all my species. Wolfsea and scarlet-pikachu, the current, and potentially future admin of NB are forbidden from using these to assist their group(s) in any future event. They will not, not will ever have permission to use any of my designs, nor will they ever have permission to repost my designs as their own. I am no loner doing any sort of artistic work or maintaining any sort of affiliation with their or their game. If it comes to light that they are using my designs, it will be viewed, considered and treated as art theft.

Also, the ideas/suggestions that were posted on the admin board do not belong to Nasty Beasts, and should not be used or utilized in any way. Wolfsea and scarlet-pikachu, the current, and potentially future admin of NB are forbidden from using these to assist their group(s) in any future event.

I wish everyone well moving forward.

On a personal level, this has been a very trying year for me with a lot of obstacles, mostly financial related, and a lot more dashed hopes than I would care to think about. 2016 is already looking like it might be off to a better start at least, so here's hoping and fingers crossed. 

There were some up sides to this year though. Before the mid-point of this year, I had not worked on art, except random gift pieces here and there for almost four years. My sister Ryu-Oni got me started up again by inviting me to join two art groups T-R-League and Nasty-Beasts , and though I quit TRLeague, I do partially still credit their concept for helping get me back to enjoying art again. Nasty-Beasts has been like a second home and I have been enjoying the group infinitely. Recently, I also joined Realm-of-Cecatl which has been loads of fun, and I am enjoying being a part of that group immensely. I am grateful for all the new friends I have made on Nasty-Beasts and Realm-of-Cecatl :hug:

I am hoping next year to add a whole lot more to my gallery, including new art of my group characters, personal art, floral pieces, and whatever else may come about. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Years weekend. Have fun and be safe out there. 
Happy holidays to you and yours, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!! 

Due to the holidays, like many other people, I will not be posting as often during the next couple weeks because of family events, travelling, etc. 

I hope everyone has a safe and happy time, and enjoys their time with family and friends. :heart:

Links to my groups:


Here is a link to a giveaway =3 Enjoy 
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Im Back guys
Yeah you read it right Thirty Thousand Points Giveaway
Im super excited about it
This is my 19th Giveaway and this is the biggest giveaway i've ever done.
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Hooray, the holidays are almost here! 
:bulletred:To everyone in NB, Sun is running an adoption event from 12/10 thru 12/22

Quick Links to my groups:…

You know what is funny, when people feign ignorance, play stupid, and then turn what you say around as if you are attacking them. You cannot talk to them reasonable, anything you say will be turned against you and even if they are wrong, you turn into the bad guy. I am tired of such toxic people. They make me sick to the core.

What's worse is, in the most recent case of feigned ignorance and stupidity, the person in question is actually smart, successful and freaking lucky in their life. Screw them and I hope karma catches up to them someday. That is the last time I try to maintain a toxic friendship. .
Sun 2 by SonGoku-Monkey 

A new tamer has appeared in the TRL and Nasty Beasts universe. This is Sun, a loud mouthed, little monkey with a huge appetite for food and chaos. It turns out he almost drowned and was saved by a benevolent being, then carted off to this world to assist with taming the beasties of the world. But we are talking about the Monkey King, Great Sage of the Earth himself here. His ambitions, while his own, may be more to create an army of loyal minions, but who knows. Maybe its he who is being tamed.